2 days / + 30 countries

New challenges and opportunities

March 22nd/ 23rd


We are pleased to welcome you to the 8th International Summit on the Teaching Profession (ISTP) in Lisbon. We are delighted that you have accepted our invitation to discuss and explore the topics related to this year main theme “New challenges and opportunities facing the teaching profession in Public Education”.

Following the previous editions, the 8th ISTP brings together ministers and union leaders from countries and regions with high-performing or rapidly improving school systems, as defined by the results of the most recent Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Thus, ISTP is a unique forum to facilitate and encourage the exchange of experiences and reflect on public education policies.

Over the two days, we will address three interrelated topics:

i) Schools at the centre of their communities, reflecting on what can policy-makers and the teaching profession do to strengthen links with communities and what are the implications for governance and funding;

ii) Pedagogies for the future, discussing how can education systems create the conditions for encouraging and supporting teachers to initiate, share, and evaluate innovative pedagogies, including new technologies;

iii) Teacher well-being, confidence, efficacy and effectiveness in order to debate if and how could governments, in partnership with teacher unions, create evidence-in-formed strategies on well-being and efficacy as part of their teacher policies.

Attending the pre-summit visits, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Portuguese school system, and visit some schools.

We truly hope that all participants find this summit valuable, solid and constructive.

We look forward to welcoming ministers, union leaders, teaching professionals and education experts to Lisbon!